Gorgeov's is a privately owned auction house with a long and successful past conducting private sales, through the meticulous eye of collectors and their discerning tastes and interests. In addition to providing buying and selling opportunities through live and online auctions as well as immediate purchase and private sales, Gorgeov's is the world's first Art and Luxury auction house with the most breakthrough and revolutionary fully-integrated immersive purchase platform. Gorgeov's 3.0 continues to push the boundaries of what's possible through technology, transforming the traditional auctioneering to the most exciting experience a collector can attend.

With a highly skilled team with a deep market knowledge and recognized in each area of expertise by today's most prominent collectors, Gorgeov's offers a bespoke advisory service in major collecting categories, for both buying and selling, whether at auction or privately, tailoring each relationship with a full range of global services to suit its client's needs and concerns from appraisals and valuations to financial and logistics services, operating in strict accordance with international standards with the faithful commitment to conduct the best practices for a Responsible Art and Luxury Market.

Gorgeov's operates in major collecting categories spanning Impressionist and Modern Art, Post-War and Contemporary Art, Old Masters, Ancient Art and Antiques, Eastern Art, Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art as well as High Jewellery, Haute Horlogerie and Luxury Handbags mainly, offering a carefully curated selection of artworks and luxury items, for both burgeoning and seasoned collectors as well as highly important and exceedingly rare works of art and collectibles for Museums, Institutions and Corporate Collections, whether contemporary art, Chinese porcelain, rare timepieces or ancient jewellery.