Selling at Gorgeov's

Why sell with Gorgeov's

Gorgeov's has a long and successful past conducting private sales on the international Art and Luxury market, always offering the finest and rarest examples of the most collectible categories. Our highly experienced specialist team, with a deep knowledge of the market and internationally recognized in each area of expertise by today's most prominent collectors, aims to develop a successful strategy to reach the right potential buyer and sell your object of value ensuring the strongest results whether at auction or privately.

Knowledge culture

Gorgeov's ability to consistently produce best prices and returns to consignors is a direct result of our specialists' passion, experience, depth of expertise and particularly discerning and knowledgeable eye. You can be comfortable knowing we have a firm sense of what it's worth your object of value.

Prospective audience

The relationships our specialists have cultivated with the leading collectors from around the world allow us to adopt a strategic and tailored approach on reaching the right potential buyer for your property and achieved the best prices.

Push the boundaries

In addition, Gorgeov's also offers the world's most exciting hyper-realistic and immersive purchase experiences a collector can attend via Gorgeov's 3.0, and your property can be one of the protagonists. We reinvent the client experience.

Responsibility and Personal data

Gorgeov's is firmly committed to conducting its business responsibly and protecting client confidential information and personal data and, therefore, will not be divulged to any third party under no circumstances.

Request a Valuation

If you wish to sell with Gorgeov's please access our free online valuation service. Submitting your item for a free valuation estimate is the first step to selling at Gorgeov's. Our specialists will review your submission and once we have determined that your property is appropriate for sale and meets our quality standards and minimum consignment value, we will provide a preliminary valuation estimate and will recommend the best approach to sell your item and achieved the best prices, whether at auction, immediate purchase as well as privately.

Submit images and details

Send us clear colour photographs of your property including front and back or top and bottom and artist / maker signatures or marks through our easy-to-use online request form or via email at

Additional information

Provide as much additional information as possible such as description, dimensions, materials, execution date, history, provenance, literature, certificate of authenticity and location of item.

Appropriate for sale

If your item is accepted for sale at Gorgeov's, one of our specialists will contact you with provisional estimates and propose the most appropriate sale channel to ensure the successful sale of your property. All valuation estimates are preliminary and may be subject to change upon physical (or virtual for Buy Now) examination of the item.

Please note

We only offer specific valuations for items that meets our quality standards and minimum consignment value. Gorgeov's estimates is a statement of opinion and should not be considered proof of authenticity, a guaranteed offer to purchase, or a guarantee of selling price likewise, are not formal documents for insurance, taxes or estate valuations and cannot be used as such.

Seller's Agreement

Before you sell your property with Gorgeov's, you will need to sign a Seller's Agreement. This is the contract that confirms the services and sets out the terms and conditions upon which your property will be offered for sale at Gorgeov's. This agreement will also confirm relevant terms, including the reserve (the minimum amount you will accept for your property prior to our charges) and the seller's commission.

Seller's Commission

We will charge a Seller's Commission rate for the services we provide based on the details set out in the Consignment Agreement. In general speaking, this rate includes marketing costs and insurance cover. If your item sells at auction for over the high estimate we agree with you, there will also be an additional 2% Performance Commission fee.

Miscellaneous service

You may also be charged for other external services such as shipping, restoration and framing, but these will be discussed and agreed with you beforehand. VAT (value-added tax) or applicable duties or taxes may be due on such fees. Each situation and consignment is unique and will receive tailored attention to study and define the applicable seller's commission rate in each case.

Sale channels

Gorgeov's offers a range of ways to sell, whether at Auction, Buy Now platform for immediate sale of an item at a fixed price or Private Sales. Each situation and consignment is unique and our team will further discuss with you the most appropriate way to achieve the highest value for your item or collection.

Shipping arrangements

Once you have signed the agreement, our staff can advise you on how to transport your property to us using your own shipper or one of our shipping partners in your area to safely arrive at our office or warehouse. Should it be deemed necessary and by the mutual agreement between the seller and Gorgeov's, the item will remain in the hands of its owner, until the sale has been made successfully.

Contact us

About upcoming sales, if you require assistance setting up a Gorgeov's account or wish to place a bid, please contact our Client Services team.

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