Gorgeov's is absolutely committed to the security of the information it processes, especially when a transaction occurs with third parties. Gorgeov’s has therefore taken all necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure that the information it processes is secure. These security measures meet the highest standards currently available and are regularly reviewed, so your data will be protected from manipulation, alteration, or unauthorised access. Customer account registration and all access to our databases are password protected.

Gorgeov's information systems are properly encrypted, as are all passwords. Likewise, all the information related to your purchases and bids is transmitted encrypted to guarantee its inviolability.

Gorgeov's uses the Transport Layer Security system (updated version of the Secure Sockets Layer system) on its website, the most advanced standard technology to keep an Internet connection secure, as well as to protect any confidential information that is sent between two systems and prevent allow criminals to read and modify any data that is transferred, including information that could be considered personal. Consequently, all data that is transferred between users and websites or between two systems is unreadable. It uses encryption algorithms to scramble the data being transmitted and prevent hackers from reading it as it is sent over the connection. This information could be any confidential or personal data, for example, credit card numbers and other bank details, names, and addresses.

Gorgeov's also protects your systems with advanced anti-virus and firewalls to protect your systems from external attacks.

However, and despite all our efforts, please remember that internet security is never absolutely unbreakable, and that any system is susceptible to be attacked, so we ask for your cooperation in the fight against cybercrime.

Please be aware that cybercrime is on the increase specifically affecting email accounts and bank account details. Note that Gorgeov’s will never change its bank transfer information or request your credit card or bank account number via email or text message. Any advice of amended bank details that appear to come from Gorgeov’s email account or any person appearing on behalf of Gorgeov's asking for payment, such as for valuation and “security deposit” for sale proceeds, should be ignored.

If you receive an email or other communication purporting to be from Gorgeov’s or any of our personnel and you have doubts or concerns about the origin of the communication, before taking any action please contact us immediately, by phone, to confirm its legitimacy. If you have any questions about how to make payment for purchases you have made from us, please get in touch with your Gorgeov’s contact or please call us. Gorgeov’s will not be liable if you transfer money to an incorrect or fraudulent bank account.

In case you need more information about our security or privacy policies, please contact us, by: