Selling with Gorgeov’s

Gorgeov’s is your best choice to sell your pieces or collections because we offer a very professional service based in excellence but very closer, because our simplicity to sell, because we offer the best estimate of your pieces or collections by our in-home experts with the best academic rigor, because we offer a very innovative sales platform which combine online sales and auctions and coming soon a 3D virtual hyperrealism experience that facilitates a unique viewing experience and knowledge of the piece to potential buyers.

No, all our estimates are provided at no charge. It's important to be aware that Gorgeov's only offers estimates for lots that have identified as potentially suitable for sale.

To establish market demand, a Gorgeov’s specialist will evaluate your property and market demand according to such important aspects as: Artist or maker, country of origin, provenance, date of execution, materials, dimensions, rarity, subject matter or type, and condition.

An agreed-upon reserve price for each item of property will be set at or below the low estimate, namely at a level which does not exceed the low estimate. This price is strictly confidential between you and Gorgeov’s and will ensure that your property does not sell below this chosen price.

It is very easy, you only need to fill the form you find in our web to describe your property or contact directly Gorgeov’s by phone or by email, and our team of specialists will immediately contact you to know your property and how to give you an estimate, free of charge. Please kindly note that Gorgeov’s only provides estimates for items that have been identified by our specialists as potentially suitable for sale. Please contact Gorgeov’s at info@gorgeovs.com for more information.

You can buy a lot in Gorgeov’s at www.gorgeovs.com through the following channels

“Online sales”

-online auction

-online direct sales

-online Live auctions

Gorgeov’s 3.0 (hipper realistic virtual 3D experience) (coming soon)

-direct sales

-Real-time auctions

-Scheduled auctions.

Private sales

Gorgeov’s offers you a private sales service to help you find a specific item outside our catalogues.

Gorgeov’s is mainly specialized in the following pieces and categories:

  • Impressionist and Modern Art

  • Post-War and Contemporary Art

  • Old Masters

  • Ancient Art and Antiquities

  • Eastern art

  • Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art

  • High Jewellery

  • Haute Horlogerie

  • Luxury Handbags

Certainly, you are welcome to request an estimate even if you're not currently prepared to sell your item. We provide estimates as a complimentary service, and there is no obligation to proceed with a sale upon receiving the estimate.

Gorgeov’s will answer an initial enquiry within seven business days. On some occasions, if an item requires additional research, more time will be needed. In such special instances, you will be notified of the status of your submission.

After submitting your item, you will receive a confirmation email containing a unique reference code. If your item is suitable for sale at Gorgeov’s, our specialists will contact you with provisional estimates and propose the most appropriate sale channel for your property.

All estimates are subject to physical (or virtual for Buy Now) examination of the item, as well as changes in the art market. Estimates are not formal documents for insurance, taxes or estate valuations and cannot be used as such.

Every consignment is treated individually, and we provide personalized attention to each one. The terms for consignment encompass commission, fees for damage and liability, as well as marketing costs to effectively promote the consigned item.

If you wish to submit an item into a specific sale, we normally recommend submitting at least 6-8 weeks prior to the sale start date. Both our Buy Now and Private sales work outside of the auction calendar. Our specialists will review your item to advise on the most suitable selling channel.

Proceeds will be remitted 45 days after the sale, provided that we have received payment from the purchaser and that no consumer cancellation rights apply, as may be the case for certain European and UK buyers at European/UK online sales. Payment will be withheld if we have not received the ID documents required to complete your account.

The proceeds will be disbursed 45 days post-sale, contingent upon the receipt of payment from the buyer and the absence of any applicable consumer cancellation rights. However, disbursement of payment is contingent on the submission of the necessary ID documents required to finalize your account.

No, the specialists at Gorgeov's will be responsible for selecting the best sales channel based on the characteristics of your lot. Our specialists will assess the best approach for your item at any time. Please contact info@gorgeovs.com .com for more information.

Auction: If bidding on your item fails to reach the reserve price at auction, it will remain unsold. We will be in touch with you with our recommendations for your unsold property, including listing it on our Buy Now channel.

Buy Now: Consignors who are in possession of their items don’t need to take actions. For items in Gorgeov’s possession, the return can vary by department and a specialist will contact the consignor with next steps.

If the bidding on your item, in an auction, doesn't reach the reserve price during the auction, it will not be sold. We will contact you and provide recommendations for your unsold item, which may include listing it on our Buy Now channel.

If you have your lot in your possession do not need to take any actions. For lotsthat are in Gorgeov's possession, the return process can vary by department, and a specialist will reach out to you with the next steps.

Except in cases where Gorgeov’s is the custodian of the piece during its sale, your property will always remain in your possession until it is sold. Gorgeov’s will sell your property online or virtually. Once the lot be sold by Gorgeov's it will be picked up at your place and sent to the buyer by specialized transport.

Gorgeov's guarantees you the best estimate of your piece or lot, based in a high professional and academic rigor, choosing the most appropriate Gorgeov’s sales channel, according to our experience, which guarantees the best-selling price for you. Gorgeov's guarantees that you will retain possession of your piece or lot until the buyer has fully satisfied the price.

Buying with Gorgeov’s

Gorgeov’s only choose the best pieces, the more exclusives and unique all around the world. You can confidently buy at Gorgeov’s, because we warrant the authentication and the provenance of all our items to sell. With our hyper-realistic experience (coming soon), you will be able to examine all items as if you were holding them in your hands, but without having to travel. Enjoy total privacy when seeking a specific artwork.

You don’t need to create a Gorgeov’s account for visiting our website, but if you want to know all the description of the lots exhibited at Gorgeov’s, or you want to buy at Gorgeov’s Direct Sales or bidding at a Gorgeov’s auction is necessary to have a Gorgeov’s account. Please follow the instructions you will find in the “register my Gorgeov’s account” section to create your Gorgeov’s account.

You can buy a lot in Gorgeov’s at www.gorgeovs.com through the following channels:

“Online sales”

-online auction

-Buy now (online direct sales)

-online Live auctions

Gorgeov’s 3.0 (hipper realistic virtual 3D experience) (coming soon)

-direct sales

-Real-time auctions

-Scheduled auctions.

Private sales

Gorgeov’s offers you a private sales service to help you find a specific item outside our catalogues.

You don’t need to travel to buy your lot in Gorgeov’s. You can, from the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world, buy the best and more exclusive items shopping at www.gorgeovs.com. Gorgeov’s offers to you the best online experience, including direct sales and auctions where you will be able to examine the items in a high quality resolutions and soon also in a hyper-realistic virtual 3D experience.

You can visit our website and consult our catalogue included in our “Online sales” section (Direct sales or auctions (online or live) or in our “Gorgeov’s 3.0” section (direct sales or auctions (online or live) (coming soon). Also, if you are in our client’s data base you will receive timely notices of our upcoming sales or auctions.

Client Services can assist in setting up the suitable account type based on your needs: Company, Trust, Estate or others. To establish a Company account, documentation like Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Authorization is needed, while a Trust Agreement or Trust Certificate is required for a Trust account. It's important to note that post-sale, invoices, and payments must be in the name of the registered bidder, whether an individual or a third party.

You can bid in a Gorgeov’s auction: online, by telephone (coming soon) or by absentee. Please select the lots you wish to bid on and place your maximum bid at Gorgeov’s.com. You will be asked to either log in or create a new account, then asked to choose your account number and review and accept the Terms & Conditions before placing your first bid.

No. All bids placed in a timed online-only Auction are final and cannot be removed or reduced to a lower amount once placed. You may, however, increase your bid at any time.

Our Conditions of sale describe the terms under which Gorgeov’s and the owner of the piece agree to sell a lot to the purchaser. Please review the conditions carefully before bidding or purchasing through Buy now options. By purchasing a lot in a Direct sale or registering to bid and/or by bidding at auction, you agree to these terms.

Please reach out to Client Services for any third-party collection procedures, either by an authorized agent or through self-appointed shippers. More information please contact us at info@gorgeovs.com

The buyer’s premium is a percentage of the final hammer price in an auction that the buyer of an object must pay in addition to the hammer price of an object. The buyer’s premium varies by hammer price, and sale category. Gorgeov’s will indicate, in any case, what is the buyer’s premium. For more information, you can visit the paragraph of “buyer’s premium” in our Conditions of sale.

You can pay your purchase by credit and debit card up to a limit of 100,000 euros.

For purchases over 100,000 euros bank transfer is the easiest way to pay. Please note that Gorgeov’s does not accept third-party payments from an individual or organisation that is not the winning bidder or the purchaser.

Payment can be made through your online payment portal, accessible by logging into their respective Gorgeov’s accounts.

We can only accept payment from the purchaser of record, whether it is the individual or entity named on the invoice. To move the purchase to a different Gorgeov’s account, please request a lot of transfer form from Customer Services. More information on payment can be found in our Conditions of Sales.

Buy Now is the way to make a direct purchase at Gorgeov’s, lots including fine art, design and antiques, exquisitely crafted jewelry and watches. You can buy what is exhibited at Gorgeov’s at every time, not depending on the Auction calendar.

Buy Now provides the opportunity to acquire art pieces and valuable items through an online transaction from a diverse selection. In Auction, items are subjected to bids, and the highest bidder secures the purchase.

Buy Now is a way to purchase in a direct sale. You can add any Buy Now item to your shopping bag and proceed with the checkout process.

Orders can be canceled within the first 24 hours by contacting Gorgeov’s Customer Service. Cancelling after this timeframe incurs a deduction fee (15%) and can only be processed if the item hasn't been shipped. For additional details, please contact us at info@gorgeovs.com

Once the sale has closed and invoices are issued, the information will be available to view on your account.

Unfortunately, we are unable to generate separate invoices for items acquired within the same sale.

Shipment times can vary according to the type of item, weight, value of property, number of items, delivery method, destination address and if the payment for the item and the shipping quote has been received in full.

A shipping quote will be sent within a week after the auction closure. Please double-check the delivery address upon receipt of the shipping quote to ensure the purchases are delivered to the correct address.

The shipping options and rates for online purchases depend on your location and the shipping service you select at checkout. Please be advised, complimentary shipping may be provided for certain shipping services that ship domestically. More information on Shipping and Return Policies in our Conditions of sale.

You can pay your purchase by credit and debit card up to a limit of 100,000 euros.

General Questions

Please follow the instructions you will find in the “SIGN IN-create new account” section to create your Gorgeov’s account.

You can visit our website and consult our sales and auctions calendar. Also, if you are in our client’s data base you will receive timely notices of our upcoming sales or auctions.

Non auction sales results are not disclosed. Private Sale results are kept confidential at the request of the seller and items sold through the Buy Now platform are not public.

Please go to the top right corner of our website. You will be able to reset your password by clicking “Forgot Password? “

All auctions’ results can be seen in past auctions section of our website.

If you are the successful bidder at the end of an auction, you will receive a confirmation via email immediately following the close of the entire auction. An invoice will follow from Gorgeov’s on the first business day following the close of the sale. The invoice will be accompanied by payment and shipping instructions.

If you have additional questions, please contact a member of our team by email:  

General Questions: info@gorgeovs.com