Buying at Gorgeov's

Why buy with Gorgeov's

In addition to providing buying opportunities through live and online auctions as well as private sales, Gorgeov's offers new ways to experience for purchasing extraordinary artworks, objects and luxury goods through new digital platforms and continues to push the boundaries of what's possible transforming the traditional auctioneering to the most exciting immersive purchase experience a collector can attend from the ease of its desktop or mobile device with one click from anywhere in the world, a soothing counterbalance to the frenzy of modern life.

Passion & Knowledge

We are passionate about what we do and our key strength lies in our team's expertise and deep knowledge to ensure the best advise clients on all their purchases at Gorgeov's, both at auction and privately.

New buying experience

Gorgeov's 3.0 invites to both emerging and experienced collectors across the globe to discover one-of-a-kind immersive buying experience through digital innovation to buy across major collecting categories, both in real-time and 'online-only timed' auctions as well as immediate purchase, the new buy-now format.

Our Valors

The auction world has never been more global or more accessible and it keeps evolving and changing continuously but the one thing that will never change is our firm commitment to maintain the highest ethical and excellence standards.

Academic rigor

Our specialists offers a carefully curated selection of artworks and luxury items without losing sight the highest academic rigor and preserving items' aura of authenticity with a strong emphasis on quality, rarity, condition, provenance.

Register to bid

Whether you wish to bid on an item in person, online or via the telephone, the first step is to register and receive approval from our Bids department. Registration for online only auctions is the same process as for all Gorgeov's live auctions.

Once you have an account, when you register to bid, in order to meet Anti-Money Laundering Regulation requirements, Gorgeov's will ask you to provide the following documents to verify your identity:

Private individuals

(a) full name, nationality and date of birth;

(b) a copy of a government issued photo ID (e.g. passport, national ID card); and

(c) proof of permanent residential address dated within the last 3 months (e.g. bank or credit card statement, utility bill, tax authority letter) unless this already appears on the photo ID


(a) company name, place of incorporation/registration; registered number and nature of business;

(b) registered address (and business address if different)

(c) directors, shareholders and authorized signatories (if different to the directors)

(d) certificate of incorporation or equivalent document or extract from relevant company registry or most recent tax return or audited accounts; and other information we may request to verify the directors and shareholders.

You may also be asked for a financial reference and/or a deposit as a condition of allowing you to bid. When registering to bid in an Online auction, you will be asked to register credit card information.

Ways to bid

Visit our auction calendar to explore and for the most current information about our ongoing and upcoming sales, exhibitions and events. Whether you wish to bid on an item in person, online or via the telephone, the first step is to register and receive approval from our Bids department. There are different ways to bid at Gorgeov's:

Live auctions

In Person

Bid in person to experience the live excitement of an auction first hand. If you wish to bid in person and attend a sale you will need to first register as a buyer and collect a numbered bidder paddle before the auction begins. New clients are encouraged to register 24 hours in advance of a sale to allow sufficient time for your information to be processed. Please remember to bring government-issued proof of identity, such as a driving license or passport, with you. In addition, you may be asked to provide a bank reference.

Gorgeov's Live

Live auctions are real time sales that allow you to watch the auction in progress, as if you were physically attending the auction, meaning that you can bid directly in the sale, from the easy of its desktop or mobile device with one click from anywhere in the world. Clients who wish to bid online with Gorgeov's Live should register at least 24 hours before for the start of the sale to guarantee that your registration will be processed in time.

Telephone bidding

If you prefer, register to telephone bid with a Gorgeov's representative who will call you from the auction saleroom and bid on your behalf, according to your real-time instructions. It is necessary to make arrangements for this service 24 hours before the sale. To register for a telephone bid, please contact our bids department via email at:

Absentee Bid

If you are unable to attend the sale in person, an absentee bid allows you to leave a maximum bid for the auctioneer to fulfill on your behalf and attempt to purchase the lot for you at the lowest price. When we execute an absentee bid on your behalf, the lot will always be bought for the lowest increment that exceeds all competing bids and which meets or exceeds the reserve price. You need to register your absentee bid at least 24 hours before the sale by returning the bidder registration form to our bids department.

Online Only Sales

Online Auctions

Timed auctions are online only sales that are open to bidding for a fixed period over a number of days. These auctions allow you to place bids until the scheduled end time for a particular lot. You will also be able to place your personal highest bid before the start of the auction, meaning your bid will automatically be increased during auction, but only to the amount necessary to reach the limit or outbid another bidder. If you are the successful bidder at the end of the sale, you will receive a confirmation email that will direct you to the online checkout page.

Gorgeov's 3.0

Gorgeov's 3.0 platform offers the most exciting buying and bidding virtual experience any collector can attend from the ease of its desktop or mobile device, both in real-time and 'online-only timed' auctions as well as immediate purchase. Some sales take place exclusively on this platform. If you haven’t done so yet, we recommend creating a Gorgeov's 3.0 account ahead of time so that you’re verified and ready to bid when our next sales opens.

Timed Online-Only Auctions

Gorgeov's uses predetermined bidding increments. Please note you cannot cancel a bid once it has been submitted. Each bid you place enters you into a binding contract with Gorgeov's.

If a bid is placed within three minutes of the closing time of a lot, three additional minutes will be added to the designated closing time for that lot. Please note that the extension of one lot’s closing time does not affect other lots’ closing times.

Unless indicated by an insert symbol (∆), all Lots are offered subject to a Reserve. Never formally disclosed, the reserve price is the confidential minimum price agreed upon between the consignor and Gorgeov's. Reserves must be set at or below the low estimate, and if bidding ends before the reserve is reached, the property will not be sold.

If a maximum bid amount is entered, Gorgeov's will attempt to execute your bid at the lowest possible amount as determined by competing bids for that lot. If two or more parties leave identical bids, the first bid received will take precedence. You can change your maximum bid amount if the current bid is lower than your maximum bid.

Payment and Collection


If you are the winning bidder of a lot at auction, Gorgeov's will send you an invoice containing information about your purchase, how to pay, and options for shipping or collecting your property.

For live auctions, you will receive via email an invoice setting out the hammer price plus all other applicable charges, such as the buyer's premium, taxes, and any other charges that may apply. Please note that for live auctions, payment is due within seven days of the auction.

For online-only auctions, you will receive an email that will direct you to the online checkout page. Here, you will be provided with an itemized breakdown of all costs including buyer's premium, applicable shipping, taxes and insurance. Once payment has been made, you will be provided with a confirmation of payment.

A buyer's premium is payable by the successful buyer of an item at auction, based on the hammer price of each lot sold. The current buyer's premium rates are an amount equal to 26% of the hammer price of each lot up to and including €800,000; plus 21% of the hammer price from €800,001 up to and including €4,000,000 and 15% per cent from €4,000,001 and above. The Buyer's Premium and all other charges payable to us by the Buyer are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate, currently 21%. We accept all major credit and debit cards up to a limit of €100,000. Please note that there is a 2.5% surcharge (plus applicable taxes) on all credit card transactions. For purchases over this threshold, bank transfer is the easiest way to pay. Please note payment will only be accepted from the registered bidder. If paying by bank transfer, the amount received after the deduction of any bank fees and/or conversion of the currency of payment, must not be less than the amount payable, as set out on the invoice. Due to the revised version of the Money-Laundering Act we must point out that Cash payment will only be accepted up to a figure of €10,000. All payments exceeding this amounts can only be accepted using bank transfer or card payment.

Please note, if you are a new client bidding online in our Online Only sale for the first time, as a security measure you will be required to pay for your lots by wire transfer only. This is our standard policy for all new online buyers.

We reserve the rights to investigate and identify the source of any funds received by us, to postpone completion of the sale of any lot at our discretion while we complete our investigations, and to cancel the sale of any lot if you are in breach of your warranties as buyer, if we consider that such sale would be unlawful or otherwise cause liabilities for the seller or Gorgeov's, or would be detrimental to Gorgeov's reputation.

If you require any assistance with the payment process, the Post-Sale Services team is more than happy to assist you.


Once we have received your payment in full, the property you have acquired will be ready to be picked up or will be shipped to you in accordance with your instruction. Please note that postage and packaging costs are not included in the purchase price, and that the purchaser will need to pay extra for these. In addition be aware that if you are shipping goods from one country to another, shipping charges, taxes and import duties may apply. If you proceed with the Gorgeov's shipping quote, items are usually delivered within 7–14 business days of payment clearance. This period may vary depending on the availability of the item in our facilities, if it must be collected at the place of deposit or if the item requires special packaging or adjustments.

For assistance in arranging for collection and shipment of purchased lots, please contact

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