Strategic Partnerships


Gorgeov's is the world's first Art and Luxury auction house with a new revolutionary immersive purchase platform geared to 'physical collecting world'. Due to growing art and luxury market demand along with strong influx of new and sharp-eyed generation of buyers, we have accelerated our technological innovations, both in real-time and 'online-only timed' auctions as well as immediate purchase, transforming the traditional auctioneering in the most exciting experience any collector can attend. Our business remains ahead driven by continued technological innovation and we are committed in our expansion, our culture and our team.

Gorgeov's is looking ahead, focused on its new international expansion plan and strategic partnerships with like-minded businesses to further broaden its global reach and significantly accelerate its growth through new representative offices and its global network of specialists. We are always interested for best-in-class strategic partners who really recognize, share and fully committed with our vision and core values rooted in a respect of integrity, passionate expertise, knowledge culture and spirit of inquiry, academic rigor and excellence.

Looking ahead

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